Dr. Kianoosh Hatami, PEng, FASCE

 Professor of Civil Engineering

 President's Associates Presidential Professor

 School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science (CEES)

 University of Oklahoma

 202 West Boyd Street, Room 334

 Norman, OK, 73019-1024, USA

 ( Phone: 405.325.3674

 Ê Fax: 405.325.4217

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 Professional Preparation

 Research Interests

  • Geosynthetics

  • Reinforced Soil Structures

  • Earthquake Engineering


  • Sensor-Enabled Geosynthetic Material and Method of Making and Using the Same

    • U.S. Patent No. 7,975,556  (United States Patent and Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA)

    • U.S. Patent No. 8,752,438 (SPE Link)

    • Canadian Patent No. 2,766,486

    • European Patent No. EP 2389484

    • Chinese Patent No. ZL 201180071627.0



      Research Impact


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 Selected Awards/Recognitions



 Student Achievements

  • NSF CAREER Award 2021 (Hessam Yazdani, Howard University)

  • NSF Travel Grant 2015 (Hessam Yazdani)

  • GSI Fellow 2019 - (Ridvan Doger)

  • Winners of Oklahoma Transportation Research Day Student Poster Competition - OTRD 2015, Moore, OK (Theresa Ngo & Luis Pena, MSc Students - Joint 1st place)

  • Best Paper Award 2014 - 10th Annual Conference in Computer Science, OU, Norman, OK (Hessam Yazdani)

  • ASTM International Project Grant 2013 (Hessam Yazdani)

  • Terracon Scholarship Recipients (Atefeh Fathi 2010; Jaime Granados Rueda 2011; Juan Pereira 2013; Theresa Ngo 2015; Luis Pena 2016; Emma Coggin 2018; Christian Schran 2020)

  • Winner of the DFI Student Paper Competition - 38th Annual Conference of the Deep Foundations Institute, Phoenix, AZ, September 2013 (Hessam Yazdani)

  • Third place for the GeoWall design paper in GeoChallenge 2012 Student Competition - GeoCongress 2012, Oakland, CA, March 2012 (Hessam Yazdani, Arash Hassanikhah, Carlos Chang, Juan Pereira)

  • Winners of ASCE/Geo-Institute Student Poster Competition - GeoFrontiers 2011, Dallas, TX, March 2011 (Atefeh Fathi, MSc Student - 1st place, Tahsina Mahmood and Rouzbeh Ghabchi, PhD students - joint 3rd place)

  • OU Graduate College Fellow (2010-2014 Danial Esmaili)

  • Winner of ASCE/Geo-Institute Student Paper Competition - GeoDenver 2007, Denver, CO, February 2007 (Alan Witthoeft, Undergraduate Research Assistant)

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) - Honors College - University of Oklahoma

    • Alan Witthoeft, Ted Huynh, Matthew Long - The Oklahoma Daily (05/01/07), Anna Jones, Daniel Graumann (2006-2021)

    • Jesse Berdis (Architectural Engineering) and Kyle Olson (Industrial Engineering) - (ID-UROP 2010)

    • Carlos Chang (Architectural Engineering) and Thai Dinh (Industrial Engineering) - (ID-UROP 2011)

    • Kendall Harper, Amy Crone, Peter George, Alexander Guerra, Seamus Hunt, Mitchell Gordon, Nate McMullen, Ty Pfeiffer, Chloe Sarfatis, Adella Kuster, Kim Serey Vuth Chea, Jessica Shepard, Javier Chavez Camargo, Jessica Winkler, Colt Startz (HERE 2012-2021)

    • Oliver Li, Christopher Barclay, Hiep Chuong, Michelle Basham, Michael Yuhas, Ben Johnson, Emma Bachman, Alexandra Liever, Javier Chavez Camargo (HRAP 2010-2021)

  • First Runner-up in 2006 ASCE GeoChallenge Competition - University of Missouri-Columbia, May 2006

    • (CEES - OU Team): Alan Witthoeft, Jason Giebler, Ivy Lau, Kunal Shah

  • First Runner-up in 2007 ASCE Geotechnical Competition - University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, April 2007

    • (CEES - OU Team): Alan Witthoeft, Ted Huynh, Karim Saadedine, Kunal Shah

 Selected Academic Service Activities

 Memberships & Affiliations

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